Housing Loan Advantages

1. Small Financial Capital Required
You can start as little as 5,000 monthly down payment of a house and lot with 30 to 50sqm of land.

2. Financial Flexibility
If you have huge cash enough to pay at least 50% amount of the house, you can start to pay the monthly down payment and use your spare fund to build a profitable business which takes care of your house monthly amortization.

3. Investment
The good thing about properties like condos & house and lot. When your house gets turnover to you, you can directly rent it out and earn some cash while your monthly amortization is taken care of.

4. Financial Motivation
Who are not motivated with monthly bills? That’s the main reason why we woke up each day fight our way through traffic and earn a living. When you have a home and paying it on monthly basis like renting, there’s no reason for you to slow down as the due date comes near. In fact by the time you are finished paying then you own your property its worth your effort.

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